The competition is held for those quartets participating in the ECMA Session - Fiesole.
This competition is the Rimbotti family’s joyous commemoration of Vittorio Emanuele who served as the first President of the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, recalling the principles that inspired his mission: helping young people to find the way to express themselves to the fullest on the path towards excellence. The competition, which counts among its winners quartets such as Pavel Haas, Apollon Musagete, Adorno and others, awards a single first prize of € 8.000 as well as concert opportunities, including a concert for the Amici della Musica di Firenze.




Edition I - 2003 Quartetto Savinio
Edition II - 2004 Quartetto Pavel Haas
Edition III - 2005 Quartetto Modigliani
Edition IV - 2007 Quartetto Minetti
Edition V - 2008 Quartetto Apollon Musagete
Edition VI - 2010 Quartetto Galatea
Edition VII - 2012 Quartetto Wu
Edition VIII - 2014 Quartetto Lyskamm
Edition IX - 2016 Quartetto Mettis
Edition X - 2018 Quartetto Adorno
Edition XI - 2020 Chaos String Quartet