Non ECMA Ensemble:
A) Short CVs of the ensemble and of each member.
B) Audio or video recording (4 copies) of a complete work written for ensemble.
C) Presentation letter of the ensemble from a well known musician.
D) Ensemble repertoire.
E) Application form by: April 1, 2020
F) Receipt of payment of the enrollment fee

Fees (ensemble no Ecma)
• Individual enrollment fee is non-refundable (to be paid upon application; ensembles already attending other courses at the School are exempt): € 50.00
• Attendance fee for each ensemble: € 210.00
• Auditors Enrollment fee per ensemble: € 100.00
• Visitors Daily ticket: € 10.00

It encloses: The ensemble c.v., repertoire of study of the ensemble, concert repertoire of the ensemble. The admission for ECMA ensemble is free charge

By participating applicants recognize that the jury authority and its decisions must be considered final. After having examined the documentation, the jury will invite a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 string quartets, and a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 trios with piano to attend the masterclass.

Application form deadline: april 1, 2020

each member of your ensemble have to:
1.  You have to register under the page
2. Then you can enter again the same page and insert  username and password obtained by the registration.  
3. Go to Subscription
  a. Choose in Categories “Post graduated Courses”
  b. and then in Forms choose “Application Form European Quartet Academy – ECMA”
  c. fill in the form.