Project Outline
The project includes a summer session to be held at the Fiesole Music School; other sessions will be held throughout the year by the various Institute partners. 

The main points of the project are:

• Performance styles. Future meetings between quartets and theorists are planned where the different violin school styles will be compared. Work will also be carried out between musicians and modern-day composers.

• In-depth study text analysis.

• Acquisition of materials and original scores.

• Performance Technique, with the possibility of performing in public concerts and then studying the audio and video recordings.

Execution Time 
“Nec manus, nisi intellectus, sibi permissus, multam valent: instrumentis et auxilibus res perficitur/La mano nuda e l’intelletto abbandonato a se stesso servono poco. Per compiere le opere sono necessari strumenti e mezzi d’aiuto” “Human hand and intelligence, alone, are powerless: what gives them power are tools and assistants provided by culture”.
Execution time is a tool inspired by this enlightening phrase by Francis Bacon. Proficiency can be improved only through practice. Therefore every day there will be musical interludes during which each group can ascertain the progress made during their lessons.

Peer education
“Music is an asset to be shared” Piero Farulli. The best groups will be asked to hold lessons for young ensembles of the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole in order to share with them the notions and indications they acquired, seeing that all are inspired by the same enthusiasm for music.