This academic piano course allows young musicians to obtain a Level II Academic Diploma of Advanced Artistic and Musical Education (AFAM), equivalent to a Master's Degree.

Thanks to the presence of internationally renowned teachers and concert artists with vast experience in the field of education, the course curriculum offers a high-quality education, favouring the acquisition of knowledge and skills inherent to performing through the honing of instrumental technique in the areas of agility, musicality, clarity, power, execution and choice of the different types of sound through the appropriate postural and gestural skills in key approach and pedaling.

Likewise, specialised skills will be developed concerning various performance practices - including those relative to historical instruments - and the history of style, thereby providing all elements necessary in order to achieve a personal and consistent piano style. This is achieved by way of careful preparation of works representative of the repertoire, from the 18th century to Contemporary, including an approach to improvisational techniques as well.
The ability to interact within musical groups will be developed through the practice of ensemble music, the subject of specific in-depth studies - thanks to the chamber vocation of the School – such as piano duo, instrumental ensembles with piano, lieder repertoire and concerts with orchestra, as well as the practice of piano accompaniment.
Theoretical lessons of history and analysis of compositional forms and repertoires, musical semiography and study of a second EU language complete the skills offered by our course.
Numerous public performance opportunities are available to Biennio/Master students in order to verify the student’s progress; participation is considered an integral part of the course.
Students may also take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus, programme with study periods abroad as well as study with prestigious foreign teachers who visit our School thanks to the same European programme.
At the end of the Biennio/Master course in Piano, the student must have acquired the set of knowledge, skills and abilities of a specialised level such as to allow him to carry out his own artistic development concretely and independently, pursuing high-level professional and artistic goals.
Entrance exams
Entrance exams will be held online during the month of September. In order to ensure correct procedures with regards to entrance exams, auditions shall take place via transmission of a video recording of the programme required for each course (see information below), followed by an online motivational interview. Where possible, the School will inform enrolled students of the availability to take entrance exams in person, while still guaranteeing the option for candidates to send a video.
Programme must include:
a) two Chopin etudes, or one by Chopin and one to be chosen from Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Debussy, Bartók, Prokofiev and Ligeti;
b) first movement of a Sonata of the candidate’s choice selected from Haydn, Mozart, Clementi, Beethoven or Schubert;
c) a Romantic piece
Employment prospects
The course offers the student employment opportunities in the following areas:
- Solo instrumentalist
- Instrumentalist in chamber ensemble
- Instrumentalist in chamber orchestra
- Instrumentalist in symphony orchestra
- Piano accompanist for instrumentalists or singers

The Level II Academic Diploma of Advanced Artistic and Musical Education (AFAM), Master's Degree equivalent, in Piano is authorized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research with Directorial Decree n. 3401 of 21.12.2018 for the accreditation of Level II Academic Diploma courses