How to apply online VALID for NEW STUDENTS and for ALL students enrolled in Introductory Music, Choral Activities 5-18 years, Musicami 0-4 years:

To apply for enrolment in any course of our School, you must first register by entering the information of the person who intends to enrol (of any age).

Once registered it will be necessary to login, by entering user name and password in the green bar that is located at the top of the page, then click on the button 'Login' to enter your personal page. At this point, click on Enrolment/Registration and select the registration form within the chosen category:

"Instrument Courses"  - those who wish to enrol in more than one instrument class can indicate this in the space provided on the registration form

"Introductory Courses"

"Amateur Musicians Project"

"Voice Department"

"Orchestras for external courses"

"Supporting courses" - for previously enrolled students

To register and enrol click  

Online renewal for RETURNING STUDENTS
- Go to “Area personale/MY area” (click on 

- Select "Renewals" on the green bar
- Proceed with renewal of the desire course choosing your preferred payment method.