Teacher: Quartetto Belcea (Corina Belcea – violino, Axel Schacher – violino, Krzysztof Chorzelski - viola, Antoine Lederlin – cello ) www.belceaquartet.com, Christophe Giovaninetti, Andrea Nannoni

Academy has trained the most famous quartets active today. It is linked by a long and solid collaboration with the European Chamber Music Academy, of which shares the didactic principles and pedagogical vision. In this perspective the course of the a.y. 2018-19 has three professors: Belcea Quartet, Christophe Giovaninetti (ex-Quatuor Ysaÿe) and Andrea Nannoni. Antonello Farulli will coordinate the course. The aim of the course is to intensely concentrate the work that the ensembles carry out with their professors at the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, rich with concert and promotional opportunities as well as support of the very life of these groups. One group among those enrolled will be chosen to represent the School in the ECMA sessions and several groups will be chosen to participate in the Summer session of the European Chamber Music Academy/ECMA. Concerts held at other institutions are also planned. At the professor’s discretion, the best students may be chosen to hold recitals during the year.

Exam: 2018 November 6th 3 p.m.
Lessons: according to a schedule established by the professor.
2018 November 6th-7th – M° K. Chorzelski, M° Nannoni
2018 November 17th -18th – M° C. Giovaninetti, M° Nannoni
2019 January 26th -27th – M° C. Giovaninetti, M° Nannoni
2019 February 12th -13th – Prof.ssa C. Belcea, M° Nannoni
2019 February 23rd -24th – M° C. Giovaninetti, M°Nannoni
2019 March 3rd-4th - M° K. Chorzelski, M° Nannoni
2019 April 5th -7th – M° Axel Schacher, M° Nannoni
2019 April 15th -16th - M° K. Chorzelski, M° Nannoni
2019 May 2nd -3rd - M° K. Chorzelski, M° Nannoni
Fees: Individual course registration fee (non-refundable, to be enclosed with the application form) valid also as audittor’s attendance fee: € 100.
Individual attendance fee (to be paid within 15th December) € 900.00
Auditors admitted
Application deadline: 2018 October 31st

More information and enrolment