In 35 years of training, the School of Music of Fiesole with the Italian Youth Orchestra has made a decisive contribution to the musical life of the country with over a thousand students employed permanently in Italian and European symphony orchestras. Since its early orchestral training courses established at the School of Music of Fiesole in 1980, it has provided the first and most complete opportunity to  learn and share the fundamental experience of learning to play in an orchestra, with teachers and conductors of very high standards.

The course, lasting one year, is free and attendance at all activities is mandatory. The purpose of the Orchestral Training Course - Italian Youth Orchestra - is to provide the students with all necessary skills to be future members of orchestras, through the following means:
preparation for professional orchestra auditions (consolidation of study methods, confronting juries, in-depth study of the most frequently requested orchestra excerpts, managing nerves, mock auditions);
in-depth orchestra section work necessary to ensure that the student is as well-trained as possible for the challenges of playing as part of a perfectly synchronized  ensemble, as required by top orchestras.
orchestra rehearsals in preparation for symphony productions during which the student can acquire the maximum number of stylistic, technical and expressive principles on how best to perform the repertoire in question, with the aim of creating a fruitful bridge to a professional career;
concerts productions with prestigious guest conductors during which the student experiences a concrete and professional example of what they have learned. The Artistic Director reserves the right to assemble the orchestra as needed for each production, including those that require a smaller number of members;
practising for and performing chamber music concerts completes a rich study program by making the student aware of the need to listen to themselves in relationship to others, a skill necessary in both chamber and orchestral music.

For those who have attended all the activities of the Orchestral Training Course - Italian Youth Orchestra - is a mandatory, final examination, in the presence of a Commission consisting of internal and/or external teachers. The best students will be invited to a second exam the next day, in the presence of representatives of the Italian music scene (famous musicians, music industry professionals, representatives of Lyric-Symphonic institutions and foundations, etc.). At the end of the second exam a ranking will be compiled that will award the first four students with a scholarship of 2500 euro.
The Artistic Director of the Music School of Fiesole will assign the best students for possible additions of organic Youth Orchestra "Luigi Cherubini" and other orchestras.


Participation in the formative periods of the Italian Youth Orchestra require agreement to the following points:

- The Italian Youth Orchestra does not provide insurance coverage of the instruments for which each student is responsible, unless arranged otherwise for travel by vehicles of the School of Music of Fiesole. The student agrees to provide for the care and any insurance of his instrument and releases the Foundation School of Music in Fiesole - O.NL.U.S. from any liability for any damage or thefts;
- The student consents to use of their image for the realization of any audio, video and multimedia services and the transmission of these in Italy and abroad, as well as the publication of photographs in order to promote the activities of the orchestra itself;
The orchestra does not pay room and board for students. For each day of activity at the School of Music of Fiesole or in Florence, each participant will be paid 40.00 euros, as a partial reimbursement of expenses incurred for attending the course. For tax purposes this sum is to be considered a scholarship and will be paid at the end of the training period in the percentage of 70%; the remaining 30% will be paid at the end of the course, provided the Fondazione Scuola di Musica di Fiesole has adequate liquidity of funds. In case of withdrawal from the course, the aforementioned 30% will not be paid. In the event of residencies and/or concerts with overnight stays not in Fiesole or Florence, or whenever logistical needs make it necessary, instead of the per diem, meals and accommodation will be organised and paid for by the School. Disbursement is regulated by daily sign-in sheets, displayed by the Secretariat at the beginning of each rehearsal. The failure to sign will result in the non-payment of the grant.
- The student who holds an inappropriate attitude to the activity of the Course (poor performance or lack of discipline) may be subject to financial penalties or be expelled at the discretion of management.

- Applications for leave of absence during training and production activities will be evaluated and possibly accepted by the Artistic Director for serious reasons of exceptionality, related to family problems, health or university, but not in case of participation in other concert activities that may overlap with the training periods. They will not be granted permission in the days of rehearsals with guest conductors and public concerts.
- The opinion of the Artistic Director is final and the student submits to them by the mere fact of signing this regulation.
- The student who is absent without justification may be expelled.
- The student withdrawn or expelled will not receive the remaining 30% of the per diem.