Ensemble music course for young woodwind, brass and percussion students
The course is aimed toward students in primary and secondary school with the intention of bringing them closer together through group lessons and the immediate use of wind and percussion instruments, typical from the musical band tradition.
Combining the students and involving them in team games are the driving force and fundamental principles of the project, with an ensured efficacy in creating new stimuli for learning.

The two-year musical education course proposes a first approach to the practice of ensemble music with typical wind and percussion instruments from the band tradition. Through collective teaching and the immediate use of the instruments, the young students will not only learn how to play an instrument from the very first lessons, but they will also know how to coordinate themselves in relation to the group, creating a veritable band in this fashion. At the end of the two-year period with S-bandiamo, the students who wish to continue study of their instrument will be directed toward SMF’s basic courses which include individual lessons as well as complementary courses.

During the first part of the project, the students will be presented with the opportunity to try all of the instruments, made available by the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, and they will be able to choose, keeping the instructor’s indications in mind, the instrument that they like the most and demonstrate the greatest potential.
At the end of the instrumental trial weeks, the professors will hold an individual meeting with the parents in which the professors will explain which instruments their child(ren) had shown the greatest potential. The families will then provide their child(ren) with an instrument rental and acquire the necessary materials as indicated by the professors.
Proceeding to the next phase, the students will truly begin the approach to instrumental practice, creating a small “band”, in which the method book “Accent on Achievement” will be utilized in the “ORCHESTRANDO” project promoted by Yamaha: the students will learn to perform exercises and brief musical pieces, starting from the recognition of one sound and gradually increasing the level of difficulty.
The enthusiasm that this method generates and the desire to play together makes it possible to truly experience team work, in which everyone will participate in realizing a common goal, leaving nobody feeling excluded.
The project has the possibility to organize collaborative projects with other courses or educational institutions who have a similar educational course offering.