The course is open to all musicians who aren’t able to enroll in the principal instrument courses, but wish to have access to the Jazz Ensemble Music experience anyway. 

The lessons will constitute an in-depth study of all aspects (historic-stylistic, theoretical-practical) relevant to the discipline of Jazz music and free improvisation, in an ensemble setting.

The course consists of the following lessons:

Ensemble Music, divided in two alternate sections:
Jazz Ensemble Music: will cover the fundamental jazz repertoire, with groups from duos to sextets.
Instant Composition: students will explore collective improvisational techniques, introducing and refining the diverse languages and solutions that have distinguished the most significant pieces of the last century. This section will work with open classes, totaling no more than 10 students. 


Complementary Material:
Jazz Harmony
Ear Training
Music History with particular attention to Jazz History

Admission to the course is granted via audition. 

Jazz admission audition requirements
Course curriculum