Thanks to the course in Jazz Trumpet and Brass, students will acquire the technical knowledge and basic skills in order to facilitate solo playing, in small, medium or large ensembles, expressing him/herself in a personal way but also aware of the formal and stylistic aspects relative to Jazz music.

To achieve this goal, particular attention will be given to the study of the repertoire most representative of the instrument – including ensemble music – and of the relative performance practices. Such goals must be achieved through favoring the development of the auditory perceptive skills and memorization with the acquisition of specific knowledge of organizational, compositional and analytical models of the music and their interaction.

In particular this course proposes to stimulate the students to reach a continual and efficacious development of skills and abilities like sight reading, instrumental technique, sound, rhythm, improvisation techniques and reading different genres and styles through exercises, etudes, transcriptions and analyses of the repertoire for Trumpet and Brass in the field of Jazz and other genres.