Antonino Siringo docent

The Course of Musical Improvisation is open to students at the Music School of Fiesole and to all external students who wish to improve their improvisational  techniques in both jazz and contemporary repertoire; the course is also optional for the three-year Bachelor degree students.


The lessons will be an in-depth analysis of the historical-stylistic and theoretical-practical aspects of the discipline of jazz music and free improvisation, in the solo instrumental and chamber music practice.

The course consists of two basic phases:

Individual monthly instrument lessons, where you will learn details of instrumental technique and the theoretical-practical aspects of jazz music.

Lessons will be held by the following teachers:
Antonino Siringo Piano
Nico Gori Clarinet, Saxophone and Reeds
Andrea Tofanelli Trumpet and Brass
Guido Zorn Double Bass and Strings

Weekly Music Lessons will be divided into two sections:

Collective Improvisation, where we will explore the freest improvisational  techniques, introducing and refining the different languages and solutions that have marked the most significant stages of the last century. This class is considered "open" (we will work in large homogeneous groups, in any case not exceeding 10 elements).

Jazz Chamber Music, where we will learn the fundamental jazz repertory, in duo to quintet formations. The groups can be formed on the indications of the teachers if there are no requests from the students or pre-existing formations. Each group will have private lessons.
(It is possible to set up a Big Band with regular rehearsals, outside of the course, if the number of students interested are sufficient).

NOTE: Permitting students to experience making music together and for others is one of the primary goals of the course. We believe this is a fundamental requirement for musical learning and a distinctive feature of the Music School of Fiesole. For this reason, during the year, several concerts will be organized in collaboration with important musical and other institutions.