The Amateur Musicians Project is aimed toward those who wish to dedicate themselves to music even while maintaining other work activities, or for those who simply wish to play or sing, but without having the intent of obtaining any specific diploma or degree.

Chamber music is at the center of the project. The professors and their collaborators will make music together with the participants, facilitating the learning process.
Admission policies: The course is accessed via an aptitude test in the presence of the professors and coordinators of the Amateur Musicians Project. 

The Open Courses are aimed toward those who wish to dedicate themselves to the study of an instrument, but without wishing to undertake a pre-academic or academic course of studies.
Admission policies: The courses are accessed via an entrance exam that consists of an exploratory meeting and an eventual instrumental audition, if the candidate already has musical knowledge, possibly for the youngest candidates in the presence of a family member.

The offer for both of the courses, to be chosen according to the student’s needs, is the following:


Course A - Orchestra
- 1 orchestra lesson with the duration of 3 hours (Sunday morning according to the schedule)


Course B - Ensemble music and/or Chamber Orchestra
- 1 individual instrumental lesson or four-hand piano every 15 days
- 1 Chamber Music lesson or 1 Theory and Solfege lesson
- Chamber Orchestra (according to the schedule)


Course C - Instrumental course (for novices and amateurs)
- 1 weekly individual instrumental lesson
- 1 weekly Solfege lesson
- 1 weekly Chamber Music lesson and/or Chamber Orchestra (according to the schedule)


Optional Packages at the student’s discretion (pairable with all of the courses):
- Theory and Solfege lessons
- Harmony lessons alternating with Music History lessons (basic level)
- Chamber Music lessons