The course is open to students of any age who wish to access the experience of Jazz music and dedicate themselves to the study of an instrument, without embarking on a pre-academic or academic course of studies.

The course offers the following lessons:

Instrumental Lessons weekly individual lessons.
Jazz Ensemble Music (from November to June): students will face the fundamental Jazz repertoire, with ensembles from duo to sextet.
Techniques of Improvisation (from January to June): introduction to improvisation and the techniques that distinguish it, in Jazz and other genres. This section will work with open classes, with no more than 10 students total.

Accessing the Course: the course is accessible through a general and motivational interview with an assessment of the candidate’s instrumental level. The candidate is free to present one or more compositions of his or her choice that displays their musical background.

The applications will be accepted with the possibility of admission to the course until all available places have been filled.