The Diploma Supplement is a supplementary document of the official qualification obtained at the end of an academic course of study and was created with the aim of improving the international transparency of academic qualifications (diplomas, degrees, certifications, etc.) as well as providing a universal academic and professional recognition. The description of the curriculum of studies facilitates the academic and professional recognition of Italian qualifications abroad and promotes the international mobility of students and workers. The School of Music of Fiesole issues the Diploma Supplement in Italian and English, automatically and free of charge, to all students who complete the 1st level Academic Diploma course, , according to the indications and the model developed by the European Commission, from Council of Europe and UNESCO.
Example of Diploma Supplement - italian version LINK
Example of Diploma Supplement - english version LINK

Tools for mobility in Europe: the Europass Wallet
The Europass portfolio is a set of 5 documents, designed to facilitate the geographical and professional mobility of European citizens, through the enhancement of the wealth of experience and theoretical-practical knowledge developed over time and through the transparency of qualifications at each level. The aim is to make the acquired qualifications more readable and understandable by those offering employment and by educational and training institutions in the various EU countries.

The 5 documents of the Europass portfolio are: the Europass Curriculum Vitae, the Language Assessment, the Europass Mobility, the Certificate Supplement, and the Diploma Supplement. The documents, which can be downloaded from the Europass European portal site, are identified according to the following classification:

Two documents to fill out/consult:
- Curriculum vitae LINK aids you in creating your cv online
- Language self assessment grid LINK

Three documents issued by your institution of higher learning:

- Europass mobility LINK

- Europass Certificate Supplement LINK

- Diploma Supplement LINK