Board of Directors
Anna Ravoni (Mayor of Fiesole) President
Stella Sorgente Vice President - Ministry Foreign Affairs
Prof. Alexander Lonquich Artistic Director - Board of Professors

Superintendent Awaiting nomination

Board Members
Giampaolo Muntoni Ministry of Fine Arts, Culture and Tourism
Awaiting nomination Ministry of Education and Research
Simone Siliani Region of Tuscany
Awaiting nomination Greater Florence Area
Awaiting nomination City of Florence
Duccio Maria Traina CR Banking Foundation Florence
Stefano Dalpiaz, J.D. President Friends of School Association
Donata Fornaciari Friends of School Association
Barbara Montanarini Friends of School Association
Edoardo Rosadini Friends of School Association
Rita Urbani Board of Professors


Board of Auditors
Petra Boni Auditor Board of Directors SMF
Awaiting nomination Auditor Ministry of Education and Research
Alessandro Sanesi Auditor Region of Tuscany