The Scuola di Musica di Fiesole is the dream of a great musician so in love with the depths of the ocean of music that he felt the urge to share this extraordinary cultural heritage with all his fellow citizens.
The School has developed different teaching methods in order to meet the needs of its multifaceted students and has always valued ensemble music.

From 4 years of age, children can take part in the Piccolissimi Musici ensemble, continue with Crescendo and, at 11-12 years of age, join the Orchestra dei Ragazzi, a symphonic ensemble with approximately 70 members.



Basic-level courses in voice, strings, piano, early music, musicology, youth and adult choirs, chamber music, amateur classes. Summer and Autumn workshops. Music for infants and toddlers. These courses are held mainly in the afternoon, so as not to conflict with academic school hours.

At a pre-professional level, students can take part in the Galilei Chamber Orchestra, with the possibility of specializing in the practice of Baroque music in the Camerata Strumentale Fiesolana.

In addition to the basic-level courses open to everyone, the School also offers annual advanced-level courses with internationally renowned teachers.

Ultimately, an approach to professionalism is undertaken through membership in the Orchestra Giovanile Italiana, a symphonic ensemble of approximately eighty members.

In 2002, the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole created the European Quartet Academy. The School's ability to deal with the themes of musical culture and training in a well-rounded manner makes it a unique institution in Italy.

Initially founded as an association of musicians and music lovers led by Piero Farulli, in 1988 the School became a non-profit Foundation with the support of public and private entities.


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