Lorenzo Cinatti graduated from the University of Florence in Contemporary History and has since then been active in theatrical organization. He curated the review of civil commitment theater, Il Palco della Memoria and the readings of Dante, All’improvviso Dante – I Cento Canti. In 1999 he was named Director and later President of the Teatro Puccini of Florence, leading the theater to second place in Tuscany for audience numbers in theaters with fewer than 1000 seats.
In September of 2012 he was named Superintendent of the Music School of Fiesole ONLUS, continuing and expanding the inclusive educational projects in the greater Florentine area, including the orchestras of Le Piagge and Sorgane, the Big Band of Isolotto, and the In-Orchestra, an ensemble which includes children with physical and psychological disabilities. In 2017 with the Music School of Fiesole he participated in the creation of the Casa della Musica of Arezzo, a place of musical experimentation and collaboration with the educational institutes of the territory. He has also served as the Director of the Sistema Onlus for youth orchestras and choruses, the organization that coordinates in all of Italy the collective approach to diverse musical activities for children and youth, with particular attention to situations of social hardship.