Violanet Concert 22 November 2019

The Violanet meeting in Salzburg includes a refined welcome concert constructed by Vittorio Ghielmi, Professor of Viola da gamba at the Mozarteum and champion of intense and celebrated international activities. He will unite with Lutist Luca Pianca, Viola da gamba maestro Christoph Urbanetz and the professors of the Institut für Alte Musik del Mozarteum Dorothee Oberlinger, Marcello Gatti, Božena Angelova, Florian Birsak- Hayer e Marco Testori

Variable geometries create a very interesting program, which opens with an Adagio from Drexel’s manuscript, containing 29 pieces that seem to be transcriptions of the brilliant improvisations that made Carl Friedrich Abel a celebrated and central figure in the London musical life of the mid 1700’s. The concert follows with Christoph Schaffrath, active in Frederick the Great’s court, and then with a slight step backward to an excerpt from the first Suite by Marin Marais, the Sun King’s preferred virtuoso of the Viola da gamba. We will listen, then, to music by Antoine Forqueray, equally celebrated in his time for his dazzling instrumental virtuosity, Georg Philipp Telemann and Luigi Tomasini, First Violin of the Esterházy Orchestra and composer for the baryton (or the Viola di bordone), Prince Nikolaus’s favorite instrument.