The academic course for violin affords young musicians the attainment of a 1st Level Academic Diploma in the Artistic and Musical Higher Education (AFAM) system, equivalent to a three-year university diploma.


The study plan is structured in such a way to prepare young violists to acquire a mature artistic awareness, a comprehensive knowledge of the historical evolution of the instrument and of the compositional and analytical models within the musical language, as well as an adequate technique of postural and emotional control.

The educational path benefits from the possibility of participating in the Erasmus+ program, allotting students some periods to study abroad while taking advantage of prestigious foreign professors’ presence at the School, for whom the same formula is applied.

During the Triennio the violists will progressively acquire higher level skills, successfully affronting the instrument’s most representative repertoire, both as a soloist and in ensembles, particularly attended to in the School’s orchestral ensembles specifically dedicated to the academic courses, the Orchestra Galilei and in chamber groups, with string instruments and pianoforte.

The significant experiences in orchestra bring the young violists in contact with musicians at the ground floor; chamber music is an important moment of individual growth, that allows for experimentation and refining the learning techniques among peers within the habitual practice in rehearsals, necessary for preparing for lessons and concerts organized by the School.

Numerous performance occasions allow for the students in the advanced courses to “test” their preparation during a public concert, the participation of which is considered an integral part of the educational path.

Included among the educational goals of the advanced courses are honing relevant skills in an improvisational setting, in the digital music sector and  with a secondary common language.

The course offers the student the possibility to be hired in the following settings:
- Instrumental Soloist
- Chamber music musician
- Chamber orchestra musician
- Symphonic Orchestra musician
- Orchestral Musician in the musical theatre setting
- String Ensemble musician

The viola academic course is authorized by the Ministry of Instruction, University and Research with the Ministerial Decree (D.M.) n.685 from 05/08/2013 (LINK) and with the Ministerial Decree  D.M. n. 685 from 09/08/2017 n.613 (LINK) and D.M. 10.04.2018 n. 278 (LINK).