Aimed generally toward adolescents between 11 and 15 years old, the Crescendo Molto ensemble is under the direction of Martina Chiarugi. Students may enter the ensemble after having attended the Crescendo Orchestra for one or two years, directed by Marco Scicli, but external students who have taken up instrumental studies recently may also be welcomed into the ensemble. Through collective lessons, everyone in the ensemble has the opportunity to gain maturity with experience, grow and study classical repertoire with a gradually incrementing level of technical difficulty.

While working in ensemble or small groups, attention is given to phrasing, melodies and accompaniment, to the fundamental roles of each instrumental section, as well as posture and motivation that underpins each and every result. Also fundamentally important for harmony is the application of the students’ bodies and voices, to develop the ear and prevent stiff postures.

The repertoire for the ensemble is endless, including music from Pop, Rock, popular and traditional world music. After 1-3 years with the Crescendo Molto ensemble, students have two possibilities:
- Attend the Open Courses and participate in the ÂME Orchestra, directed by Stefano Zanobini; or,
- Proceed with the Pre-Academic course and participate in the Orchestra dei Ragazzi (Junior Orchestra) directed by Edoardo Rosadini.

There will be two or three concerts throughout the year, organized by the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole (also in collaboration with other institutions); the Crescendo Molto ensemble may participate in collaborative activities with other Orchestras from the School.