Tuscan Symphonic Orchestra in the Esagramma® Method

Music breaks down walls: the School is proud to give the go-ahead to a new sector or educational intervention, created to favor participation for students with motor and/or intellectual disabilities.

The project, whose moniker is Orchestra Sinfonica Inclusiva della Toscana a Metodo Esagramma®, is financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, and sees the a collaboration between the School and the Spazio Reale Foundation as well as other notable European partners, meanwhile the operating methodological contribution is thanks to the Sequeri Esagramma Foundation. The Sequeri Esagramma Foundation has established a course named Inclusive Orchestral Education (EOI), which takes advantage of the potential of musical language and the orchestral world, facilitating the achievement of important conquests, such as boosting your self-image, expand and elaborate on your emotional experience, discover more complex and varied ways of handling relationships. To be in an orchestra represents, then, an occasion of educational inclusion that surpasses the efficacy of individual support intervention, thanks to music’s power to profoundly affect people on every level, emotional and cognitive.
Participants of the Orchestra Sinfonica Inclusiva della Toscana a Metodo Esagramma® are not asked to have had a previous musical background and there are no particular personal characteristics that impede the participant from getting closer to a course of musical education.
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