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Born in 2015 and welcoming novice instrumentalists in their first year with violin, cello and piano. From 2019 the orchestra expanded to including Contrabass as well.

It offers students their first collective instrumental musical experience provided by the School’s educational course of studies and it is aimed toward gradually introducing the students into the Piccolissimi Musici Orchestra, under the direction of the same group of professors. The prerequisite for participation is to have a desire to play music with others.
The primary goal is to stiumlate children through group musical experiences, since the collective lessons increments their motivation and desire to learn. The learning process comes prevalently from imitation without the use of musical scores. Inspired by the repertoire of diverse instrumental didactic methodologies, the orchestra will play simple musical pieces that, with the support of piano accompaniment, will be elaborated through singing, gestures and rhythm. Every year a musical fable is prepared and the Orchestra works toward realizing a small musical production personalized by the professors and based on the formation and characteristics of the Orchestra.

The course structure is as follows:
•  one monthly lesson of 60 minutes from October to June
•  final concert (musical fable) on 24 June during the Festa della Musica at the School
•  eventual concert-lesson at a kindergarten in the Florence area

Participation in the Micromusici Orchestra is also open to external students of the School, limited only to string instruments (violin, cello and contrabbasso), based on the availability of places in the course.
Course reserved for novice children between 5 and 10 years old

Marina Raimondi, violin
Valeria Brunelli, cello
Katja Todorow project Young Pianists in Orchestra


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