The classes in voice offers an educational path that aims to stimulate listening, self-awareness and concentration, favoring the acquisition of a correct psychosomatic equilibrium, in terms of posture, respiration and coordination, fundamental factors upon which technical learning becomes more musically specific. 

The progressive incrementing of skills permits the student to study the various aspects of the vocal technique in-depth, starting from the knowledge of the elements that determine a correct phonation, giving particular attention to the technique of emission, refining intonation and the quality of sound. 

Students will have developed their capacity to evaluate the work that was done, with consequential growth in their autonomy of managing their technique and improvement of the quality of study.

The educational path pursues the goal of allowing the completion of foundational formative modules from the basic, medium and advanced levels, with certification of passed exams and attendance of complementary courses included in the study plan.

From the very beginning the educational path connotes musical experience as a shared activity, thanks to choral practice. 

The School considers students’ participation in concerts, recitals and planned initiatives to be an integral part of the educational course. 

In case an applicant is doubt about being able to adhere to the prescribed commitments (possibly because of other contemporaneous scholastic obligations) but would like to attempt a course of study in voice anyway, it is possible to receive vocal lessons in a open course, of which there are no planned exams.


Voice Course Program

Voice Study Plan



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