L'Orchestra Micromusici nasce alla Scuola di Musica di Fiesole da un’idea di Marina Raimondi sviluppata in seguito alla partecipazione al Master Universitario per orchestre infantili e giovanili e ne fanno parte bambini tra i 4 e i 9/10 anni al primo anno di violino, violoncello e pianoforte iscritti alla Scuola di Musica di Fiesole.

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Piccolissimi Musici

String Ensemble
Professors: Marina Raimondi, Valeria Brunelli

Piccolissimi Musici is the first instrumental ensemble that welcomes children who are new to the study of string instruments.

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String Ensemble
Teachers: Martina Chiarugi, Marco Scicli
Assistants: Stefano Rimoldi, Giorgio Marino e Lisa Napoleone

After participating in Piccolissimi Musici, the children move up to Crescendo. Participation in this ensemble requires mastery of the first position, the knowledge of a one octave scales and familiarity with basic rhythms.

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Orchestra dei Ragazzi


The members of the Orchestra dei Ragazzi are students of the Pre-Academic Courses (strings, winds, percussion, keyboards) aged 10 to 18 years. Participation in the course is subject to the student’s instrumental skill level and requires compulsory attendance until the third year of the advanced level, during which students will be engaged for only two productions.

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Orchestra Galilei


Students who are enrolled in the three-year Bachelor’s Degree course are automatically admitted to the Orchestra "V. Galilei", the ensemble that performs more challenging instrumental programmes. 

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Camerata Strumentale Fiesolana


The Camerata Strumentale Fiesolana is a string ensemble dedicated to the performance practice of baroque music, which can be joined by students with an adequate level of instrumental preparation, at the discretion of the Conductor.

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Fiesole Harmonie


Fiesole Harmonie is an instrumental woodwind ensemble and is inspired by similar youth ensembles which have always been active in the Anglo-Saxon musical world.

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Schola Cantorum F. Landini


The choir was established in 1987 by Piero Farulli, founder of  the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole. The choir is composed of about 50 adult singers and focuses mainly on oratorio repertoire. The choir is taught and trained by a team of professors, led by Fabio Lombardo. Over the years the choir has been conducted by S. Accardo, R. Alessandrini, M. Ceccanti, A. Curtis, A. Fedi, L. Fico, V. Globokar, F. Lombardo, N. Paszkowski, A. Pinzauti and F.M. Sardelli.

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ÂME - Amateur Music Ensemble

The ÂME, Amateur Music Ensemble, was formed at the School of Music of Fiesole with the intention of bringing together the enthusiastic attendees of the amateur course who, although busy with other business activities, wish to dedicate their free time to music.

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5 x 1000

IO CI METTO LA FIRMA. Sostieni con noi i progetti gratuiti dedicati ai bambini.

Anche grazie al 5 x 1000 potremo continuare a realizzare i progetti didattici per i bambini che...

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