The pre-academic course in viola da gamba is open to adolescents and adult novices, offering a rapid approach to quality music, thanks to an innovative didactic concept, developing instrumental technique and musical sensitivity in a unique and combined educational path. Avoiding the student’s exposure wherever possible to arid technical studies, the course will help develop and precipitate the student’s taste in good music.

From the very beginning the course configures the musical experience as a  group activity, thanks to choral practice and participating in the Viola da gamba consort and other early music ensembles.

The didactic course pursues the goal of allowing the completion of formative modules, consisting of basic, medium and advanced levels, with the passing of instrument certification exams and attendance of complementary courses included in the study plan.

It is furthermore possible to receive viola da gamba lessons in an open course of which there are no prescribed exams.

The School considers students’ participation in concerts, recitals and planned initiatives to be an integral part of the educational course.
To allow a more natural approach to the instrument, attendance in the propaedeutic courses in music is advised for children aged 0-5 years with the Gordon Method and in choral-rhythmic activities  targeted towards children between 3 and 9 years old.


Viola da Gamba Course Program

Viola da Gamba Study Plan


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